WOOOOOO— I’m back in action, Z&F readers! Good to be back. I quite enjoyed my time off and reflecting on 8 (almost 9) years of writing and drawing this comic. I feel rejuvenated. I feel fresher, more receptive to ideas and storylines. I watched TV shows & movies that inspired me and re-read some favorite comics. I have made decisions. I have news to reveal. But that comes on Friday, my scheduled “Blog Post Day” where I will post any announcements or convention appearances. Until then, welcome back, and enjoy some new comics…. now on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS!

Today Z&F study the basics of the sitcom formula. I’ve found that sitcoms are a polarizing entity. There’s equal love and also hatred out there for them, especially the formulaic predictable ones that follow patterns and don’t push too many boundaries. As I see it, comic strips (the traditional ones) are the sitcoms of the sequential art world. The characters rarely break out of their mold (even if it’s a relatively complex mold), and instead of it being boring, this quality is intended to be comforting. The characters are there for you, easing you into your day; you know what to expect and it’ll bring a smile to your face to see them each day, like a reliable best friend. Zorphbert will always be grouchy and analytical, and Fred will always be sweet and a bit naive. Mind you, I try to add depth by discussing topics out of the norm, picking on humanity as a whole, and adding a quirkier humor that’s not familiar to the “safe” newspaper strips. But I would imagine those who criticize sitcoms for being stale, predictable, over-done entertainment for the simple-minded, would probably think the same of Z&F. That’s not a slight against them, it’s simply not their cup of tea. Long-form comics with complex stories, plot twists and comprehensive character development would probably be more their preference– akin to all the edgy hour-long TV series that are ever so addicting (I like quite a few of those too). Regardless, there’s room in this world for both and I write and draw the “sitcom” comic better… that’s all there is to it! I am curious, however.. if my theory is correct. Do the bulk of Z&F readers also enjoy sitcoms? Where do you stand on this debate?