A little homage here to an old TV show fav: 3rd Rock from the Sun. The aliens had quite a fear of jello in that show, and the writers would work it in here and there. Seriously though, if you never saw it before, it’s some scary stuff… is it really edible? is it moving on its own?  is it alive?

Book Progress:

It’s coming along quite well, people! I am finishing up the Bonus Materials section, and wrapping up the interior. Still trying to decide on what to do for the cover. I cannot wait to have this book in my hands!

Conventions 2010:

This year I am looking to expand upon Z&F by attending more cons and actually getting a table for once. So far, I have a table at Chicago’s C2E2 in April (where the books will be sold in person for the first time!), side by side with buddy Byron Wilkins of 1977. I am thinking of attending MOCCA in NY, however, it’s only 1 week away from C2E2, so that makes things tough. I will of course be attending Philly’s Wizard World in June and have a couple friends in mind to table-up with. Baltimore’s Comic Con was a blast last year and I’m all about getting a table there again. The big disappointment however is the 2nd New England Webcomics Weekend, which I attended last year and had a blast. This year it was moved to the fall, and on the exact same weekend as my wedding. All jokes about getting just married there aside, it’ll be missed, but I’m sure my party that Saturday will be ton more fun ;0)