I enjoyed drawing the extra detail I put into panel one. I always think it’s interesting when cartoonists zoom in on their characters- how and where they add detail, how much the style may change, how realistic they go with it. Can show off different skills they have up their sleeves.

2 Weeks of Favs:

For next week and the week after I will be running some Z&F Favorites from 2009, M-W-F. I will be heading to Cleveland with my guy and some buds to see a Cavaliers home game (finally). I have seen Indians and Browns games at “home” (in Cleveland), but have yet to see a Cavs game at “The Q”… and with Lebron running rampant and this great season they are having, I cannot forgo it again this year. Plus, I am finalizing the first Z&F Collection, and need the extra time to crank out the finishing touches. Hey, how ’bout a teaser of the cover? (which IS done, btw)


If you can recall a favorite Z&F of yours from 2009, feel free to mention it in your comment. I’ll add it to my list!