A BIG congrats to Pinkerton Park’s own Mike Witmer, a.k.a. “Wit”, for his awesome entry for the latest PWITM Caption Contest! I’ve always wanted to do a “so-and-so wants their ___ back”  joke, and now I know the secret: the innards of fuzzy woodland creatures. Hmm, sounds like something out of Pinkerton Park! Thank you, Mike, for your entry, and I’ll be contacting you about your prize!

I also want to thank you readers for the BIGGEST turn-out ever for a PWITM Contest! We had approximately 35 entries, which was amazing! You guys made the decision hard for me, if only be the sheer volume of entries! I had to re-read them all over and over! THANK YOU!

If you have not checked out Pinkerton, you, my friend, are missing out on some of the best one-liners on the web. Every strip offers another crazy hilarious quote or phrase, that I sock away into the recesses of my brain, to probably use again at an inappropriate time. And, there’s a hamster who thinks he’s a moose, and therefor ties cutlery to his head. I think Steve and Fred have lots to chat about. You’re still reading this? GO!