As I am writing this, I am nearing the end of the Return of the King… and still can’t decide if it’s my favorite… the Two Towers has my favorite fight scene at Helm’s Deep. But Eowyn defeating the Nazgul, with the cry “I am no man!” really pulls at my tough-girl-tomboy strings. And the Fellowship has it terrific moments too. All together, LOTR is going to be my most memorable trilogy that I’ll gush about for years.

This comic is another of my way-too-wordy, jam-packed-with-too-much-crap creations. I thought about breaking it up into 2 strips, but not so sure how long I want to drag this out. I didn’t intend for it to be a long storyline.

Aww.. now they’re bowing to the Hobbits, when Aragorn is being crowned King. That always gets me too.

P.S. errors in the last update are now fixed, thanks to my trusty editors ;0)


Do I have to remind you about the Contest again?