Anyone else sometimes feel like all the work we do as Americans, all the overtime and piled on stress and lack of extra income and lack of spare time…. is just not worth it? Some days I wanna just ditch everything and live in the woods.

So, I stop at a Wawa (you in the Philly area will get that reference) and get a fancy latte and maybe some snacks so I can distract myself from.. myself. OKAY? ok.

Announcing: The DGS Etsy Shop!

My portfolio site now houses it’s own shop— which includes items previously ONLY available to buy from me directly at comic cons along the east coast. You can now purchase my 6 prints, like “Keep Merida Brave” and “Sandbox Avengers”, and my new wildly popular Superhero Parody coaster sets! Free S&H!

Find the DGS Store HERE
Or go directly to the Etsy Shop HERE


Brand new item this year on my Comic Con Tour, now available online!