So, the thing is, I am getting sick of TV these days. Curled up on the couch with my tablet laptop, I flip on the tube for something that’s bearable, yet not interesting enough for me to break concentration. Old favorite sitcom reruns work. But I am running out of stuff to watch. So, I have decided to blow the dust off my LOTR extended version DVDs and started with the Fellowship of the Ring, which I finished while lettering this comic. I plan to watch the entire trilogy this week while working. It makes me happy ;0)

.. and of course I figured I should work it into the comic… the weird kid seemed to be the perfect outlet. Let’s see how long I drag this out.



Please do not forget about the CONTEST, right here on zfcomics! The count down has begun- about 2.5 weeks left, it’s due by the 18th! Get those alien-drawing gears a-turnin’! It can be as simple as a character sketch or as elaborate as a full color comic!


(footnote: “contest” means you WIN something! OOOoooooo…)