It’s good to be back! But I didn’t plan this too well. Here in the U.S. it’s Labor Day and if you’re like me, you’re using the day off to NOT be chained to your computer. Soooo-hooo, maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.

So, What’s New? Besides the comic?

  1. There’s now E-books in the store! For just $2.99 you can purchase Z&F comic-y goodness in a PDF you can take with you on iPad or computer.. easier to read than the website,  100 comic per volume, and a great way to “tip” me!
  2. Pretty new PORTFOLIO website! All my design, illustration, cartooning and other assorted artwork!
  3. New Fanart Challenge topic for this season on the Fanart Challenge page! Will you get involved this time? Think you can win it out and dethrone Jon Esparza?
  4. My next con, THIS WEEKEND, is Baltimore Comic Con! My favorite con every year, for it’s size, atmosphere, comics-focused motto, and proximity to many many friends.
  5. Speaking of Baltimore Comic Con, I’m excited to see if we at Team Cul De Sac win a Harvey Award for our Anthology for Parkinson’s research. We are, after all, nominated for FOUR (F-O-U-R) Awards! The ceremony is Saturday night, so fingers crossed!