Yeah, this is me. I claim to be a strong woman who can change a flat, mow the lawn, paint a house, and take on a group of guys in a pick-up basketball game… but if there’s a spider involved, I’m flat out terrified. Kill it! Kill it!

Funny how I manage to come up with these ideas. Here’s the transcript of how it happened:

8:03 sit down to eat dinner in front ofย  TV

8:04 shuffle through channels while realizing I still need to come up with a comic joke/gag

8:06 end up on Spiderman 3 (never saw the 3rd one)

8:06:30ย ย  Think: “Spider”, “I’m scared of spiders”, “I hate that I’m scared of spiders, because I’m such the strong/independent woman and it seems hypocritical”, “oh, comic idea.”

8:07 eat dinner, satisfied with my less-then-a-second brainstorm.

Other days, not quite so easy.