While I take a much needed break after my 500th comic, and some exciting announcements about the Team Cul De Sac Collection 1800-Pet-Meds Cross-Promo, and my 2012 Convention Schedule…. this week is open advertisements for some big supporters, readers & friends, because:

It’s Guest Art Week at Zorphbert & Fred!

Many thanks to convention buddy and fellow creator Chris Flick  for today’s guest comic! (and for that pun-tastic gag that left us all laughing/groaning). His comic “Capes and Babes” is a plethora of goofy storylines, pop culture & technology gags, all tied up in a strip mall and the bow on top is the Werewolf (yes, Werewolf) named Roy. So, why not go check it out and follow Chris on twitter while you’re at it.

P.S. Look for the awesome little piece of fanart I did for him recently while you’re there! Hint: Teen Wolf!