Home is where your heart is, and humanity has captured the hearts of 2 lovable aliens…

They stayed! They STAYED! I of course knew they would, and I am so excited to finally share the ending with you readers. As you can see with their collars being removed, they are essentially quitting their research jobs and staying here on Earth as dogs-in-disguise. They may never fully understand us humans, but friends like the Weird Kid have made their experience here so endearing, the comforts of home no longer have that draw. Zorphbert and Fred are officially earthlings too!

It’s over, it is complete. I am equally proud and somber.

9 years ago I wanted to rebound from my previous “college grads” type comic “Leftovers” with something off the wall and unique.. to which anyone could relate. And we all feel like aliens on our own planet from time to time. It took way longer than it should have (maybe 6 months?), as I was being a strict perfectionist about it, but around mid-way through 2006 (I don’t have the exact date), I started drawing Z&F. 50+ comics in, I started posting them to drunkduck.com; February 13, 2007 being the exact day of the first posting. Everything seemed to move fast after that.. growing a readership on the ‘duck, ditching syndication efforts for the DIY webcomic format, starting to go to & exhibit at comic cons, getting my own site up and running, forming the Webcomic Alliance, having books compiled and printed… all the way to running my first ever Kickstarter as part of this grand finale. I have grown so much, reading old comics is like looking through old photo albums. It’s been one helluva ride. And I owe the best parts of it to YOU ALL. YOU are what makes the “webcomic” medium/format so great… the instant feedback, the support, the ability to create something others can read and enjoy! I have met many of you at shows, connected on such a personal level… it cannot be replicated in any other aspect of my life. If you enjoy my comics, or are a cartoonist as well… we have that instant connection. You all are like family to me, a comic convention like home. And although I am retiring a long time work here, I WILL not desert my family or my home… I won’t be going anywhere. Follow me on twitter, facebook, Google+, Tumblr, or Instagram… and look for more from me in 2016!

Thank you, Z&F readers… for embracing the WEIRD, and helping me grow as a person and an artist! I salute you.

#ZnFplushies Kickstarter Update: FINAL DAY! ONE LAST CHANCE!

It’s your last chance to pay tribute to 9 years of comics… and also snag these adorable plushies, or Z&F book 4, or a rare signed pen & ink Z&F comic, or an exclusive ebook or wallpaper! From $5 to $200, you can be apart of this! Gina and I have had such a great time working together on this and we’d love for you to own a piece of the important part of the Z&F Grand Finale.



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