I used the sock puppet to represent “weird”… as is was Weird Kid’s “thing”.

In the end, the tagline is the whole purpose of this comic… You Humans are Weird … but the subtext to that, is that without the WEIRD, we wouldn’t be human. The weird is what makes us awesome. Our diversity and individual quirks are what sets us apart from other species, possibly other alien lifeforms. So, why do we spend so much time pointing out the weirdness, separating it out, ensuring those different than us feel pressured to conform?

In reality, Z&F would spend their entire lives (however long that is!) researching humanity– because we cannot be contained, or put in a box, or fully understood to any extent. As soon as you think you know someone and can predict their behavior, they surprise you. These fellow human beings are what make life interesting. Hug one today.

Tomorrow is the final comic. Will Z&F return home? Will their mission get extended and they’ll stay on Earth? Will the Weird Kid use Sproing to turn his bullies into his minions?  Love to hear your thoughts.

Read the finale story from the beginning by going HERE.

Wondering why I am ending the comic, what I’m gonna do with myself after this, and why you somehow missed this? Read the ANNOUNCEMENT.

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