Well, I certainly crave a bowl of FREDDIES every morning, don’t you?

Shortly after he saw that Jon took the Challenge, Kim of the adorably hilarious PicPak Dog was peer pressured to create his OWN Z&F cereal box design! And truly, it IS out of this world! Thanks so much for entering the contest, Kim.. lets hope one day Z&F is popular enough to warrant it’s own cereal! Then we shall all feast on FREDDIES!

Speaking of the Fanart Challenge… Some Problems

It has been brought to my attention that people have been sending in entries, and I have not received them on my end. I am currently trying to fix the Contact page and the Fanart Challenege page forms so I actually RECEIVE emails again. I seem to have fixed it half-way… the email goes through, but the attachments don’t. If any fellow creators have some advice on how to fix this issue with the Contact Form 7 plugin, feel free to share.

Until then, email me directly at: DAWN AT ZFCOMICS DOT COM. Or find me on twitter… I’m usually hanging out there.



Come out for a geeky day trip to the Comic Geek Speak Super Show in Reading, PA! Just $20 for the WHOLE weekend, or $12 for 1 day! I’ll be exhibiting there with my Zorphbert & Fred books (BRAND NEW Volume 3!!!!!), Abby’s Adventures kids books, and all sorts of other goodies! My Webcomic Alliance cohort Chris Flick of Capes & Babes will also be there, along with a ton of very talented friends.
So, what do I have that’s NEW?
  • Well, of course, Z&F VOLUME 3: Anger is so Mainstream!!!! $15 for the book, and there will be deals on the whole collection!
  • I now sell prints! Avengers! Big Bang Theory! Thundercats! I got your geeky goods, my friends.
  • Custom Pendants! That’s right, you tell me what you like, and I’ll draw it on a custom pendant, made RIGHT THERE at the show! Just $10!
  • Tip for a button! For the first time, I am puttin’ a tip jar on my table. But of course, I can’t just ask for tips, I have to give you something in return. BUTTONS! Big 3″ ones, too! Soooo, yeah, it’s kinda like buying a button, but you get to name your price!
Show Hours
Saturday: 10:00 – 6:00, Sunday: 10:00 – 5:00
Greater Reading Expo Center
2525 North 12th Street, Reading, PA 19605