Happy Friday! Presenting the 4th installment of the “Famous Duos” Fanart Challenge! Ahhh, the classic comic strip pairing, but with a TWIST! Comic Con buddy and fellow sci-fi-comic-er Chris Maverick of Cosmic Hellcats brings us this double-mash-up, between HIS characters, Z&F, and the famous duo of Garfield and Odie! Heck, I’m with Fred..  I could go for Lasagna too! This is an especially fun concept as it’s MORE aliens disguised as dogs & cats! Can you overdose on that? I hope not!

Check out the flashy, sci-fi, sexy, furrrrroucious adventures in Cosmic Hellcats! I wonder what Z&F would do if they saw these pretty kitties flying about space and kicking butt! It’s definitely a more of an adult-oriented comic kiddies. Ask your parents first!


Book 3 is ALMOST here!

Sending off to the printer as we speak! (erm, as I type this?) Keep a close eye on the website, because pre-orders will open very soon! Also if you’ve been meaning to get the entire Z&F collection, there WILL be SUPER deal available to get all 3 books together for less!