I made it! We’re back in action!

Welcome to the new season of Zorphbert & Fred! Bet ya didn’t know Fred’s collar could do that, huh? If you’re in a similar climate area as I live, you may still be dealing with SNOW… in MARCH. Philly area got hit pretty hard again this winter…and as this post went live we’re getting hit again by another storm…. inspiring the title to this comic! In fact, I also made this meme of my own car after one of the lesser storms (and G+ made it snow for me, heh):

14 - 1-SNOW

So, what comes with the new season?

  • NEW comics every Monday!
  • but in fact, I draw TWO a week! Where do the other ones go that I don’t post online? Well….. the exclusive limited-time ebooks!  However… depending on the results from the recent ebook poll, I may have another idea up my sleeves…..
  • A new Fanart Challenge! I will be announcing it THIS FRIDAY so stay tuned! Hint: hopefully you’re in a coloring-book frame of mind!
  • “Like” Z&F on Facebook to see a fun series of “mini comics”– a single panel topical synopsis of humanity
  • Kicking off my comic con & event tour of the east coast– check out the listing and see if you can make it out to one or more!