Donuts solve everything, don’t they? This one is another wordy one, but I think it has to be to work. I think the stereotyped descriptions and Nettika’s food choices are amusing enough by themselves anyway. I let myself off the hook for this one.

This is the first comic in a looooong time that I did start to finish in 1 sitting. Let me tell you, I had NO idea how much time I wasted by having the TV on as I drew up the strips. Listening to music instead nearly cut the total time by a third. I guess even though I think I’m pretty good at ignoring the TV, I must look up from time to time anyway, wasting precious minutes. Pretty cool, I hope to be able to continue to do this, have 2 more days free for side work. To whomever told me long ago to turn off the TV when I draw to get it done faster, you were right man! (sorry, I cannot remember for the life of me who that was)


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