Well, you smokers would look pretty weird to anyone who didn’t grow up in our culture. I often wonder where things that are “cool” start? Who started smoking and made others think “wow, he looks cool, I wanna be cool too…”

Just like popped collars or saggy pants or “duck face”. Whyyyy?????? You “cool” people are weird.

Anyhoo, some news.

  1. The table placements are OUT for Baltimore Comic Con! I’ll be at A131, pretty much in the front middle area of the artist alley!
  2. Just ONE MORE comic this season! Then, I’ll be on hiatus until 2015. If you want to know more on WHY, read THIS.
  3. For those wondering, I will release Z&F volume 4. It will happen. I’m just not entirely sure WHEN. I have a little less than 100 more comics to churn out (200 comics per volume). It may also be my final volume of Z&F… I’m not entirely sure of that either, but you can read more on that in the above linked article, too.
  4. This is the LAST CALL for the Fanart Challenge! there has been very little interest this season, and if I don’t get a couple more colorists to submit an entry, I don’t think I can even put up the VOTING post. To those who did submit, I’ll make sure you get a little something as a thank you, if we have to cancel this season.