SPOILER: Z&F have 3 hearts. Oh those crazy aliens!
As I was drawing this, my brain was playing Benny Hill music in the background.

If you need to be caught up on this little arc about Georgia the cat, start HERE.

I TOTALLY forgot (again), but Feb 13th was a big day!

Z&F celebrated it’s 9th anniversary February 13th! As best as I can tell, anyway.. much like my dating anniversary, heh. I drew a lot of comics before I started posting online, for probably a year beforehand little by little. My first official posting online, on drunkduck.com, was 2/13/2007, so Z&F was born sometime in 2006. Obviously, I had no idea how long the comic would run for so I didn’t make note of such things. Soooo.. we’re gonna say 2/13/2006 is the anniversary. Yeh, it’s not exact but oh well.  Funny coincidence: my dog April’s birthday is also around this time. Another “best as we can tell” as she was an adopted stray- so anywhere from late January to mid February. April is now 7 years young!

To celebrate, I thought I’d share these pictures of the original comics I still have, when I used to ink them traditionally and scan. A panel from comic #1, and stacks of sketchbooks full of comics! Stay tuned– I may be offering these up in a Kickstarter pledge level… so one of these rare originals could be yours!10985426_10204981422327758_4480859238783547661_n10985415_10204981422607765_6880873504113567388_n