Maybe the Weird Kid can head to another comic con again, and remind himself that there ARE people out there who can appreciate him for who he is: Weird yes, but unique, funny, and genuine at the same time! Speaking of COMIC CON… my next one is in TWO weeks– the “Antidote to San Diego” itself, Baltimore Comic Con! Look for PRE-ORDER SPECIALS soon too!

Well, this is it for this year, folks! The last comic for 2014. If you hadn;t heard, please read THIS blog post about the reasons why I’m taking a longer hiatus. I’m already trying to enjoy my much needed break, but of course… me being me…. I find work to keep myself busy anyway. Freelance, drawing up prints for shows, commissions, and looking into book publishers for Z&F. Look, I TRY my best to lounge around and watch TV, play video games, and read.. but after an hour of that I get antsy and need a PROJECT to work on. Give me some credit though, this weekend, I sat outside with some iced tea and watched an Indians game, IN ITS ENTIRETY, on my iPad. Boring ol’ baseball! So, there’s that.

I may check in sometimes here with a blog post, let you know of any news and such, but as for new COMICS… you hafta hold out until 2015! Or, know, you could always buy the books; they have added commentary and bonus content! Plus, they are signed by ME with a little sketch just for you!

Weird Kid Takes the #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

THIS is how a cartoonist deals with social media fads… can you call it a “fad” if it helps a great cause & spreads awareness?