Here it is, finally! Compared to “professional” cartoonists who draw comics every day of the week (plus big color Sundays!), 500 comics seems a bit puny. But with the business of life and the fact that most of us (web) cartoonist do this for free, reaching 500 comics is no small feat. So, I’ll try to enjoy it for a day, before I crawl back under my rock and draw some more.

And let me just say… I’m very glad I broke out the old fountain pen and watercolors for this landmark comic… it renews my appreciation for technology and my love for my Tablet Laptop. There’s just so much about inking “by hand”, and handwriting the text that makes the novelty wear off really quickly, at least for me. I’m sure you see now WHY I don’t hand-write… or color with watercolors for that matter, LOL.

But, pretty good for someone completely out of practice, I guess.

Also wanted to say thanks to each and every one of you who stops by to read Z&F. Whether you comment or hide in the shadows, I take great pleasure in knowing I can entertain… even for 5 seconds, 3 days a week. Like I always say: Cartooning for me is 50/50. I love to create but I also love to share, and thanks to internet technology, now I don’t have to break into people’s houses and paste a Z&F comic into people’s newspaper funnies anymore. That was getting old. ;0)