80’s cartoons sound like some drug addict wrote the premise because the children of the 60’s were the ones who were writing them. It just so happens that children of the 80’s thought it was completely totally AWESOME.

I try to explain Thundercats now and it sounds incredibly lame, but man did I love it as a 7-year-old. I wanted to be Cheetara when I grew up for a while there. Then it was a fireman(woman), baseball player, and settled on an artist by the time I was 10.


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A Little News:

Today Z&F is 6 years old! I started posting Z&F online, at drunkduck.com, 6 years ago today. 2 weeks later Z&F was chosen as the “Featured Comic”, thrusting me into the webcomics world and slowing ditching the syndication format. It’s been a wild ride. Well, maybe not “wild”, I mean… I’m a cartoonist. So, as wild as it can get while I’m constantly glued to my computer and geeking out online. Wee!