Name That Character: Robo-Dog

As hinted in my last update, a new character is being introduced in Z&F! The supervisor has bestowed upon Zorphbert and Fred a robotic dog that will do the “dirty work”, in efforts to keep Z&F’s time amongst us humans inconspicuous. So, this little guy will be getting into the trash, chewing on a shoe or two, and even leaving little surprises in dark corners… what a joy for the human contingent! Note the digital eyes behind the visor, and the unhinged nose that dangles by a spring. He will be characterized by loose gears and finicky behaviors, because it’s only the best for our heroes!

Now, he (it?) needs a name. Keep in mind this would be a name given by Z&F, not by a human. Doesn’t mean it has to be an “alien” name, but just something to chew on. I have thought about different names but mine all seem.. I dunno.. lackluster. So, I leave it up to you, Z&F readers! Post your suggestion in the comments! If I get too many I just can’t decide between, I’ll post a poll so we can all vote. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!