Annnnnnd we have a WINNER!

Thanks so much for getting involved and voting for the best cereal box design!

Now, drumroll please….. BY ONE SINGLE VOTE …..the winner is:

CFanartChallAdongrats to Jon Esparza, of Mike & Mindy! You are the reigning winner and will get this ad here on the Z&F website until the next winner knocks you off! Just get in touch with me (I’ll do the same) and send me a graphic to include in this space (approx. 180 px wide x 140 px high). ALSO! Don’t forget… Chris Flick has also offered appearances of your box design in his comic, Capes & Babes!

The runner-up, only beat out by 1 vote, was “WEIRDOS” by Chris Ciancanelli. Again, I want to extend my THANKS to everyone who submitted a cereal box design; this was a really fun project! Keep your eye out for next season’s FANART CHALLENGE on THIS page… it will be updated shortly after the beginning of next season- September 2nd 2013!