Hello my good alien-dog-lover friends. I have some good and bad news. Bad news first: there will only be one update this week, on Wednesday. The good news: the REASON for this rare cut-back is this:

Yup, I’ll be there! Not really a “special guest” or anything that grand… but it should be a great time. This is not a convention per say, more like a humongous gathering of webcartoonists to shmooze with. Geekfest! Lots of webcartoonists there that actually make a LIVING off of their work, can you imagine? And when I get back, I’ll be joining in on a podcast with Argon and ArgonsAssistant over at The Villain’s Corner. So, you’ll get to hear allllllll about my escapades from the weekend.

Speaking of, this past weekend I’ve learned that Talkshoe hates me. More like, hates ArgonsAssistant. Twice we attempted to record my interview, and twice it didn’t quite work out so well- booting poor AA off the call. Let’s hope the long break will give the people at TalkShoe time to fix their problems. Stooooopid technology!

See you all Wednesday!