As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been commissioned to write & draw a monthly comic strip for Vet Depot, a big competitor of the popular 1-800-Pet-Meds. The names of the characters, as chosen in a facebook poll, are Baxter and Cleocatra, AKA “Bax & Cleo”!

And the very first comic just went LIVE! Click on the image below to view it, and don’t forget to LIKE Vet Depot on facebook, CIRCLE on Google+, and FOLLOW on twitter! This company offers all the pet supplies you need, plus an informative blog and the people there are so friendly and helpful! Their prices are the same if not better than 1-800-Pet-Meds, so if you are a pet owner, this is a great site for you to consider!

Now, as for the comic itself, Bax the dog and Cleo the cat is a classic Looney Tunes or  Tom-and-Jerry type concept. Bax is silly and playful, and quite gullible as he always falls for Cleo’s clever pranks. However, the lovable hound is no doormat; he’ll find his own slapstick way to get revenge on the jokster kitty! “Bax & Cleo” is a cute comic for the whole family, and I hope you enjoy it! Seeing as a lot of Z&F fans are also pet owners and enjoy the pet aspect of the comic here, I think “Bax & Cleo” will be a hit for any Z&F reader as well!


Click to read the rest!!