Why buy something you can read online for free, you ask? Well, for the bonus material! And this book is jam-packed with it! See original sketches from pre-2007, get a full tour through my process as a cartoonist, and even a how-to tutorial of how to draw Zorphbert and Fred! Each and every strip even has an artist comment (yeah, that would be me). I really wanted to make this book worth your while to purchase, and hopefully rank high enough to reside happily next to “the throne”– where we all know the quality reading is done.

You can pick up the book itself– signed by yours truly– for $20 (and that includes shipping!),

….or you can go all out and get the special “Artist’s Addition” for $25, which includes:

  • Signature
  • Character sketch of your choosing (notate in field below)
  • Z&F bookmark!

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