Finish a Comic, Enter to Win FREE Ad Space!

Yup, new season here at Zorphbert & Fred, new FANART CHALLENGE! This time around, it’s as simple as writing/drawing the final panel of a comic! (for those of us who are creators, yes, not as easy as it seems, but… shhhhhh!)  Swing over to the FANART CHALLENGE page and see what comic I have offered up for your.. um.. improvement? Corruption? Brilliant parody? It’s up to you! Just take the sound effect “FOOOOP” and decide what happens.

The contest runs until Nov. 29th, and then the voting begins in December! The WINNER will get that special ad space, now ruled by Jon Esparza.



Baltimore Comic Con! Like, TOMORROW! (and Sunday)

Just a little reminder, to come out to Baltimore Comic Con this weekend and bring the kiddies! This is my favorite “fun” show, and I am so looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones! Here’s where you can find me:


And HERE’S where you can get more info about the show!