As you may have read earlier, my trip to the New York Comic Con was a lot of fun… a like a reunion of old friends who never actually met each other. As we sat around at a local diner or waited on a city corner, some of the conversations between us geeky webcomic creators would have been nice to record and share with others of our breed. The instant connection and ease of interaction is something we all noted… as if we have finally found “our people”. Too bad we don’t live closer together (Irma “Sweden” Erikson, I’m looking at you, girl.)

So, last week, we all met up on skype – Me, Irma Erikson, Mike Witmer, Marc LaPierre, Brad Joyce, and Tom Racine (although we missed John McCarthy, one of the NYCC crew), for an hour long chat about the convention. But being a goofy bunch who get along amazingly well.. the professional chat turned into a giggle-fest.. not that this is a bad thing ;0)

GO! Have a listen, share our inside jokes, giggle along with us goofballs. It’s a rowdy good time, just as NYCC was!

And, never.. NEVER, take strange candy from Swedish Rockers.