From Illinois, to California!

The Z&F Final World Tour continues, as our two favorite aliens head to Los Angeles and the infamous Hollywood sign. HOLLYWEIRD, heh? I think these two will fit right in. As always with Zorphbert, he lends a juicy little tidbit of info from his research– something I never even knew about the “Lakers”!

This piece was created by Bret Juliano of “Dust Bunny Mafia”, which I’ve always thought was a hilarious title! If you like the Godfather, and adorable clumps of dust & fur donning hats & bunny ears, methinks this comic will be up your alley. Just hopefully not a dark, scary, alley where you may get whacked. By a dust buster, I presume.

Note: the DBM is always watching… even through the O’s in certain iconic signs.