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I received this special treat from twitter bud, very active Webcomic Alliance community member, and fellow creator Mark Stokes! I’m not sure what I love more– the way Mark draws my characters, or the way he (also) kept their alien-ness hidden from the reader while giving us a little tease (as I do with tentacles). Mark was even kind enough to send me the original, which I’ll gladly showcase in my studio!

When it comes to the webcomic “Zombie Boy” Mark is the BRAINS (get it? “Zombie”? Brains? oh nevermind) behind it. Mark used his brains to first develop Zombie Boy waaay back in 1987, in traditional comic book form (to be sold in, like, REAL shops!), and it has returned as a comic strip online! Centering around Morgan McCorkindale (aka Zombie Boy) who had a bit of an… er… “accident” on Voodoo Island, and tossing in wacky eccentric characters like Beatrice the psychic, Claustria the wiccan, or Gorr the, uh… dog, there is definitely no lack of interesting situations or subjects to be covered in this comic. Zombie Boy is certainly colorful in the literal AND figurative sense– don’t be surprised to see anything from dinosaurs to ghosts to demons to a frog pentagram. Yes, you read that right. Give Mark’s comic a read, if you haven’t already… you won’t be disappointed!