Rarely do I receive fanart from someone who “doesn’t need an introduction”, but one wonderful day I came across this on David Reddick’s Facebook page where he posts his sketchbook mini-masterpieces. I’ll admit, I squealed like a girl. (I AM a girl, but usually I avoid squealing at all costs.)

Okay, I said he doesn’t need an introduction, but I suppose that’s if you are submerged in the comic community the way I am. So, how about a glimpse at Mr. Reddick’s resume, just to give you an idea of his awesomeness:

  • Creator of The Legend of Bill, a wildly popular, fun, beautifully crafted fantasy webcomic about barbarians and dragons and warrior princesses, oh MY!
  • ALSO cartoonist for Trek Life, at CBS/Startrek.com… *ahem*, sci-fi fans. (tho now defunct, was a cult favorite!)
  • ALSO cartoonist for Rod and Barry, which is coincidentally about 2 cute purple aliens researching us humans (wow, that sounds familiar). I may just be crazy here, but something tells you me you guys would LOVE it. Unless you hate the color purple, of course. Then, stick to the aqua-green aliens like MY guys :0)
  • annnd finally, David is ALSO an employee of Paws, Inc… home of a little comic strip you may have heard of. Some fat orange cat name GARFIELD? yeah, that one. He works for GARFIELD. I am jealous of the daily Odie kisses he must receive.

So yeah, that guy… he drew this. Shower him with compliments, will ya?

Thanks so so so much, David. You rule, keep it up :0)