Fellow WebcomicPlanet Collective member, Antoine of “Drunken Fools” fame, sent this to me recently. What a great birthday gift, intentional or not, lol. Inspired by the Contest I hosted a couple weeks back, he gave Z&F’s “true identities” a twist… how funny! Thanks a TON, Antoine!

Antoine is the drunker master-mind behind “Drunken Fools” … a hilarious webcomic about a bunch of friends in an age group I just entered myself- the thriving thirties! Except, for this particular group, maybe less thriving, and more partying like they’re still college kids. Ah well, it results in crazy-hazy moments, most of which I didn’t even do while I was in college… so I’ll relive my college years vicariously through this crazy cast. And in retrospect, probably be thankful I avoided some of those embarrassing moments, lol.


A Bonus Fanart!

From Byron Wilkins, just for my birthday! How awesome is he? He’s done fanart for Z&F in the past, but this one’s so personal, it really made me smile.