We have our first COLORIST for this season’s Fanart Challenge! If you’ve been reading Z&F for a while and comment, you may know Darryl Heine as he’s been a longtime dedicated fan of Z&F! And he’s not afraid to take on ANY challenge, as proven HERE and HERE. As soon as the official challenge proposition was posted, Darryl jumped on it and within a day or so sent me this piece! He did a great job, amiright?

NOW, what we need is MORE Inkers!

If you ever wanted to try your hand at drawing Z&F, now’s the time! Send me your lineart drawing of the guys, so I can add it to the Fanart Challenge page for others to jump on board and color! Having OPTIONS to color will definitely get this ball rolling. Come June, we can vote on the best full-color fanart pin-up piece!