…. and you heard it here, ONE day early!

Ebook_Ad_Full2For the last month of the off-season, you can get the EXCLUSIVE Zorphbert & Fred Ebook for just $1.99! So, if you were contemplating it, and $2.99 was a tad too much, NOW is the TIME!


What does this special ebook contain?

  • the ENTIRE second season of Z&F comics from 2013…
  • when I say “ENTIRE”, I mean INCLUDING the comics you DIDN’T READ!
  • “whaaaaaat? there’s more comics than I see online?” YUP! In fact, TWICE as many EXCLUSIVE comics!
  • “Will I get to see what happened at the end of the ghost hunting story at the Stanley Hotel?” Indeed, you will. Every last creepy detail!
  • “Can I just wait until these will be posted online for FREE?” NOPE. They won’t be posted online at all! Gives this some value, eh?

So, what are you waiting for?

*** Limited-Time EXCLUSIVE 2013B E-Book***
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And don’t forget, regular (free) Z&F comics return March 3rd for a new season!