Summer’s in full swing, swimming pools are packed, your AC is running on fumes, and you’re probably hatin’ on the sun at this point. I’ll help you laugh at it with this Summer Edition of Clipart FAIL.

Who poo'd on the sun? FAIL.

Hate you, Sun. Peck you IN THE FACE. FAIL.


Yeah, I'd give that guy a weird look too, having knees like that. FAIL.


ow, that's hot. ow, that's hot. OW, that's hot. FAIL.


I'm not the best with math, but... what? FAIL.


Oh, great. That thing from my nightmares. FAIL.


oh, great. That OTHER thing from my nightmares. FAIL.


Well, it IS "hump day". FAIL.


Scrambled eggs, anyone? FAIL.


that's one demented-looking carrot-stealing sun.


"durrrrrr...." OPEN FOR YOUR OWN CAPTION. Leave in the comments.