Thanksgiving has come and gone, but you’re probably left with a ton of leftovers. What’s on the menu this Clipart FAIL edition? TURKEY!

What the….. how is….. why does….. this made my brain break.

Yeah, here’s another one I cannot figure out, but then again it seems relevant to  Z&F. Aliens like turkey too!


YES. Yes, they have.

Wait, Thanksgiving is a religious holiday now? Celebrating Jesus’ “Joe Cool” phase?

I’d run too, if a floating head was going to try to eat me. Nope, I wouldn’t need a head to do it, either.

This is a turkey. Seriously. says so, and anything on the internet is true.

In a deranged twist of events, the turkey revolted and ate the obnoxious family.

This turkey clipart makes me cry too, baby.

This next one I had featured a while back. It was mind-blowingly awful and confusing, and it was the piece that started Clipart FAIL posts in the first place. It’s surprisingly just as awful, as I stumbled on it again on It needs your caption, however so give it a shot.