Hey everyone, have a Merry Christma—-AAUUGHHHHHHHH!

I’m just going to declare it now… I’ll never play with a toy built by a naked purple elf.

……I typed in “elf”, I get this. Thank you Clipart.com, for failing in so many different ways.

I believe he’s begging for a new artist.

If Picasso started out as a freelance clip-artist.

I don’t want THIS elf on my shelf.

Hermey the Dentist’s later years.. who knew? Oh wait, everyone.

The White-Trash Keebler Division.

Someone want to explain this to me?

Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down. Even though they should.

Your turn! What on EARTH is happening below? Call SVU! I fear it may be elf abuse!