The Alliance gang minus Antoine. (That banner is actually frickin' HUGE!)

Whew! That was fun!

With all the preparation one does for exhibiting at a comic convention, it’s easy to forget the oncoming aftermath. And, in my case, the aftermath is compounded by a bad cold I took home as a souvenir. I think my throat is going to burst in flames and I could pass out from this fatigue at any given momen—-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz * urk? * What? Oh right, typing.. typing…. Nonetheless, I will try to give you fine Z&F readers a summary of my hectic weekend with the Webcomic Alliance at Chicago’s C2E2!

Dis is my book. Buy it.You may recall that C2E2 last year was my very first exhibition at a comic convention, so it was interesting to see both how I have improved my pitch and selling ability, and how the convention itself improved. Happy to say it was pretty much thumbs-up across the board!

I flew into Chicago on Thursday night, and met up with Byron & Kurt of Webcomic Alliance, as well as Kurt’s friend “Coder Mike”. Ken’s flight arrived Friday morning, just in the nick of time. Byron was awesome enough, being a nearby resident, to take all of our books and supplies we had shipped to him to the McCormick convention center on Thursday. Ummmm…… Except for mine. I had to go the entire first day without my main Z&F collection (Vol. 1), but Byron did manage to get them to me by the end of the day. However, surprisingly enough, I did fairly well with just my Abby’s Adventures kids books and the Z&F mini collection on Friday.  Saturday was busy. Busier than I recall last year. People were very interested, but reluctant to buy, which sometimes happens. This is not necessarily a failure, as I did promote Z&F and pass out a TON (and I mean a TON) of bookmarks. I also collected an expansive list of emails for the Z&F newsletter, which in my opinion, is even better than bookmarks. SundC2E2ay was a terrific day for me, but that’s due to C2E2 promoting “Kids Day”, and both my comic and kids’ book series are family-friendly. I donated some homemade Abby’s Adventures coloring books to the kids day events, and even had a mother and daughter (named Abby) show up at my booth looking to buy an Abby’s Adventures book! Despite being cut short, Sunday was my best day. I really should look into doing more kids events!

I wish I could have spent more time checking out Chicago, seems like a wonderful city! I did get to finally sink my teeth into a deep dish pizza, and feast on an Italian Beef sandwich…. And also some of the best Mexican grub I’ve had in a while. Good food, good friends, comics and geekery to the max, all in all a great weekend!

On to the next one, which is in TWO weeks right here in Philly!


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