We creators LOVE getting fanart. We often squeal like girls, even if we ARE girls. I am flattered to say I have quite a collection from you lovely readers! As this comic comes to a close, I have conjured up a perfect FINAL Challenge for you all: The Z&F World Tour!

When’s it due?
May 31st, 2015 – please send to me by this date!
What do you need me to send?
High resolution (300dpi) files– .psd, .eps or .jpeg preferred.
If you are drawing it on old-school paper, scan and send one of these files, and then I’ll reply with my mailing address. Actually, original art is very much ENCOURAGED as it will help with the upcoming Kickstarter campaign!
What are you doing with the artwork?

  1. As with all the fanart I collect, your piece will end up in the BONUS CONTENT section of Z&F Volume 4 with full credentials.
  2. I will also use the fanart in the upcoming Z&F Plushie Kickstarter!
    • All art will be collected in a special thank you PDF!
    • Some of my favs art will be made into a special thank you postcard for certain ledge levels!
    • Some of my favs will be made into a collector set of Z&F fanart buttons for certain ledge levels!
    • If you work traditionally, sending me your hard copies will be ideal as I can offer it in an “Original Art” pledge level for fans who collect artwork.
  3. I can use the fanart to promote the kickstarter plushes and Volume 4 (which will be a pre-order pledge level on the Kickstarter too) on social media… always giving you credit, of course!
  4. And of course, I’ll post your work right here in blog posts with links to your comic or portfolio!

Cool. Any other rules/info I need to know?
• Please keep these family friendly!
• Include with your piece the name and URL you want me to credit.
• Questions? Email me: dawn AT zfcomics DOT com.

I’m IN! Tell Me More About the “Z&F World Tour” Challenge!

Much like rock bands will have their “Final World Tour”, Zorphbert & Fred should take a round-the-world trip to make fun of research every country, culture and landmark they can while they’re here! YOU are talking on the challenge to draw their adventures- be it a pin-up, comic strip, longform comic, or fun little doodle.

Step 1: RESERVE your destination by filling out this form!
First come, first serve. And there’s only 5 Write-in Spots!
This form will be LIVE 3/3/2015

Step 2: Draw Z&F in that country/culture/landmark… make it funny, insightful and/or adventurous! Whatever suits your writing and drawing style!

Step 3: Send it to me, along with the info you want me to credit, using the form below. OR email me directly: dawn AT zfcomics DOT com.

Send Me Your Entry!

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