If you’re apart of the webcomic community, whether a fellow creator or an avid reader, you see how much we creators gain from simple things like word-of-mouth, cross-promotion, advertising, and feedback from readers. If you really enjoy Zorphbert and Fred and would like to see it continue to grow, improve, and get some spotlight, you CAN help me achieve that! There are many ways you can help:



  • Simply clicking the “tweet”, “facebook like or share”, and +1 Google Plus buttons on the posts, retweeting my updates on twitter, or sharing on services like stumbleupon or reddit. Just a click here or there can help more than you think! It’s all about exposure.
  • Commenting! Even if only to say “hey, I like this!”, makes us creators so happy we often squeal like girls. Constructive feedback is also helpful, just remember to be respectful and mindful of other readers, especially on family-friendly websites like mine!
  • Promoting Z&F on YOUR site! There are a whole slew of banners, as well as wallpapers and other fun stuff, on the Promo Page! Steal away!
  • Filling out the Z&F Survey! Answering simple questions like “How did you find Z&F?” and “Who is your favorite character?” gives me a better idea of how to promote, write, draw and conjure up storylines to appeal to my demographic.
  • Shoot me an email on the contact page for more in-depth discussion, I’m all ears!
  • If you have the extra cash, you can always visit the Store and purchase a book (there’s THREE volumes available!) or some fun merch like T-shirts, mugs or signed prints! You can also tip me if you wish, there’s a paypal button on the bottom right side!