I am trying a new bigger size for my comic. I think it tends to lose some of the detail I put in.. and Lord knows I ain’t gonna skimp on the detail in the actual art. Problem is I have almost 300 strips to resize and a header to update… augh! More work I create for myself. I know I could just leave the archive as is for now and get to it later, but it’s gonna BUG me. LOL

This does it for the mini story arc on LOTR. I was tempted to have Zorphie say “you shall not pass” to Nettika in that last panel, but I would be branded as uber-dork for life. Trying to slip by as a “cool geek”.

Contest Pluggin’

Well, peeps.. you have 2 days left to email me your submissions for the “True Identities” Contest. I can’t wait to post the goodies I got so far! My email is:
dawn AT zfcomics DOT com.

Speaking of contests, I used to run a contest every month over on drunkduck. I called it “Put Words in Their Mouths”, and it was your basic fill-in-the-caption/bubble game. It got to 15 installments before entries were falling by the wayside… lack of entries and interest I guess. What would you guys think of this contest being brought back? Do you think you could “write” a Z&F comic if I give you the set-up? Winner could get a plug right here on ZFcomics, in my “OMG, Check it Out!” blog. If you don’t have a comic, I’d have to figure something else out, heh.

TGT Podcast Tournament

Since TGT Webcomics has had over 50 interviews on the show, they’ve decided to have a bit of fun. Call it a ‘Battle Royale’ or ‘Tournament’ on which shows you all liked the best, by votes. And yours truly did interview #46, which is in the lead for round one! Swing by to vote, let’s see how far we can get! Click below to vote, and also listen to the interview if you wish. You can also stop by my Interviews page for all my podcast interviews!

Oh! Speaking of Podcast Interviews…

I just finished up yet another interview with Mr. Tom Racine of Tall Tale Radio, and my buddy TL Collins of Bullfinch and Superfogeys Origins. Lots to babble about, it was a blast. If you have not listened to TTR, you are missing out— not only on lots of terrific guests (Stephen Pastis of Pearls Before Swine!!!, for one) and informative webcomics chatter, but also on Tom’s magical and classic radio host voice! I adore his voice, it soothes me on my annoying commute to work .

I’ll let you know when the podcast is available, probably late July.