I really dig this one. It makes me chuckle, and I enjoyed whipping up the artwork. And, yet again, it’s a simpler idea…. seems as though I like the ones that are quick reads. This all probably just means that it goes unnoticed for the most part, heh.

Big Big Big News!

I am SUPER excited to announce the launch of Webcomic Alliance: Your Worksource for Digital Comics! It’s a website full of free tutorials, article, tips & tricks, ANNNNND an informative and fun podcast that tackles four typical issues in the webcomics industry, in each and every episode! For all you Z&F readers who have a comic yourself, or ever thought about starting your OWN comic… this is your resource!

It’s been in the works for months now; started by Byron Wilkins of 1977 The Comic, and with the help of good friends Ken Drab of Rick the Stick, Antoine Gagnon of The Drunken Fools, and Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics, we have finally launched the website! Already there’s a lot of content to sort through, as well as Webcomics Workshop Podcast #1 to listen to, so get over there and check it OUT!

Some of my work on “The Alliance” thus far: