And that wraps up the wedding storyline. And, guess what? This is strip #400! That’s right, I have drawn 400 “official” Z&F strips, and I ain’t sick of it yet! More, many many more, to come! Also, Z&F’s 4th birthday just passed– the first official posting online was Feburary 13th, 2007.

Dawn’s Actual Wedding Experience:

A great word of advice I got was the fact that all the small details that you (or some of your close family/friends) think are SO important, will really only be remembered by those close to you. For the reminder of the guests, your wedding will just be another wedding… blurred together with the last wedding they attended. Your special centerpieces you slaved over will be quickly forgotten, the flowers or jewelry you wore, just a blip in their memory. So, make the day important to YOU, the one who will actually remember each and every detail. Unless of course you end up with a lampshade on your head… then be glad if you remember anything at all.

That said, I at LEAST hope my guests remember who the heck got married that day.