Receiving this one was really touching. It’s a common thing for webcomic creators to swap guest art for when “life happens” and one of us needs a break. But we take for granted how “easy” it is to pick up a pencil and whip up a funny little comic with someone else’s characters. Well, okay, easy for some.. I know some artists labor tirelessly over their work. However, when Todd McElmurry registered for guest art I was both surprised and flattered. Todd is well known on twitter and in the comment sections of many webcomics, because he is the ultimate fan. A full-time dad and Network Administrator, he reads his favorite webcomics and promotes the ones he really enjoys (like Z&F!). Drawing does not come easily to him, and I know he practiced and worked very hard on this piece. It’s that kind of effort that makes me smile so much I glow, when I read this piece. I will treasure it as a one-of-a-kind for a long time!

A huge warm and heartfelt thank you, Todd! If I could reach through the screen and hug ya, I would!


Dawn and Rick, whom the human characters in Z&F are loosely based around, are (finally) getting married after 7 years together, on November 6th, 2010. These terrific guest strips and artwork were submitted as a wedding gift by fellow webcomic creators and readers, using Dawn’s Wedding Guest Art Registry. Dawn.. erm, OKAY, I am very grateful for all the time and effort put into these awesome pieces and plan to include them in a special section of our wedding album. Thank you all SO much … for such a unique wedding experience.. and for feeding my website so I can take a much needed break!

Regular Z&F strips will return on Christmas Day! My holiday gift to you, readers ;0)