Zorphbert looks simply THRILLED.. ecstatic even….. to be playing the role of ring bearer. I can only imagine what he’s grumbling under his breath.

This “pin-up” style piece is a gift from good friend and fellow webcomicer, Howie Noel of Tara Normal. After crashing at he and his wife Shelley’s place for Baltimore Comic Con, and allowing them to do the same when in Philly, we have become close buds who can always talk shop, or just have a jam session with Guitar Hero/Rock Band. And maybe one day, I’ll join them on one of their ghost hunts!

If you have not heard of Tara Normal, this comic is a must-see… even if only for the outstanding expressive artwork! If you dig paranormal ghosts/aliens/creatures.. even better! Howie has plenty of experience as a caricaturist, and it really shines through with Tara and all the familiar faces that show up in her adventures. Go check it out now before it HAUNTS you for life! (ha, see what I did there??)


Dawn and Rick, whom the human characters in Z&F are loosely based around, are (finally) getting married after 7 years together, on November 6th, 2010. These terrific guest strips and artwork were submitted as a wedding gift by fellow webcomic creators and readers, using Dawn’s Wedding Guest Art Registry. Dawn.. erm, OKAY, I am very grateful for all the time and effort put into these awesome pieces and plan to include them in a special section of our wedding album. Thank you all SO much … for such a unique wedding experience.. and for feeding my website so I can take a much needed break!

Regular Z&F strips will return on Christmas Day! My holiday gift to you, readers ;0)