I feel like I have known George forever. A long-time reader, friend, and fellow webcomic creator, George’s comic “Addanac City” is well-known in these parts. Hank is the modern-day Calvin. Smack-talkin’, trouble-making, punk kid whose crazy adventures put my childhood ones to shame. Especially loved the time-travel back-to-the-90’s extensive storyline George just recently completed… if you’re in the mood for a nostalgic roller coast ride, check that one out!

So, what makes a good wedding gift? Potty humor! Thanks George, even though I am a married women now (wow that’s weird to say), I still enjoy a good pee-on-your-leg punchline! And that’s no surprise with Hank involved, LOL!


Dawn and Rick, whom the human characters in Z&F are loosely based around, are (finally) getting married after 7 years together, on November 6th, 2010. These terrific guest strips and artwork were submitted as a wedding gift by fellow webcomic creators and readers, using Dawn’s Wedding Guest Art Registry. Dawn.. erm, OKAY, I am very grateful for all the time and effort put into these awesome pieces and plan to include them in a special section of our wedding album. Thank you all SO much … for such a unique wedding experience.. and for feeding my website so I can take a much needed break!

Regular Z&F strips will return on Christmas Day! My holiday gift to you, readers ;0)