Or maybe “Mission Impossible”? The ironic thing is the aliens themselves could be lumped into that cryptozoology category as well.

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Plushes Kickstarter Update (Reminder)!

ZF_kickstarterWe are slowly but surely working out the details on the prototypes, brainstorming the pledge levels, and fine-tuning those annoying mathematics involved to ensure a financially well-run Kickstarter! With the help of Gina of Super Sox Shop, who is very likely the seamstress who will be hand-crafting all the Z&F COLLECTIBLE beanbag plushes, I think we’re gonna have an exciting Kickstarter! Here’s some bullet points we have thus far:

  • The Kickstarter will run in July, to coincide with the FINAL month of Z&F!
  • The final comic will post July 31st 2o15.
  • Cool aspect #1 to this Kickstarter: TWO-FOR-ONE! You’ll be supporting TWO independent artists, myself and Gina! Not me and some big manufacturer overseas in China.
  • Cool aspect #2: Made in the USA!
  • Cool aspect #3: These will be special, hand-made collectibles, not mass-made cookie cutter plushes. They will come with a tag, numbered and signed by Gina, reminding you how you DIRECTLY helped not only myself but another artist scrape and claw her way through the dominant corporate market!
  • They are stinkin’ CUTE! I’ll slowly be revealing them as we draw closer to the launch date….. with funny teaser pics like this:
    Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.53.52 AM

    SOON. #KickstarterinJuly

    Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.05.22 PM

    SOON. #KickstarterinJuly