I’ve always loved the visual of tumbleweeds to describe a desolate moment in conversation… or maybe a friend’s lack of knowledge on a certain subject I am picking on him for. This time I actually got to DRAW a tumbleweed. Life mission #468 complete.

Now I actually have to go, like, research this whole Charlie Sheen debacle. Anyone know of a video summary of his complete mental breakdown? Maybe a “crazy quote” list? I have paid NO attention to this. As far as I knew, Charlie Sheen played “Wild Thing” in one of my favorite sports movies and one of the few good Cleveland sports “memories” I have. Yes, I know it was just a movie, but it’s all I’ve got, people. I still cry when they win the division *sob*. Hey, the Indians are so bad lately, I’m waiting for Major League 3 (or 4, actually) to come out. They can just use the current roster as stunt doubles.