Annnnnnd…. the first entrant is fellow Webcomicplanet Collective member, Dan Long, of Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life”. How terrific is this? I think it stays right in line with the lighthearted humor and goofyness that is Z&F. Plus, I can dive right into that lineart- I love the way it’s both disheveled and controlled, at the same time. Thanks so much, Dan!

Mr. Edmund Finney is a man on the brink of discovery. And with all the crazy things he stumbles upon he always seems less than enthused. Pirates, aliens, fortune tellers, talking penguins, genies and more, and still he scurries along looking for more. It’s an endless roller coaster ride of fun for the readers, and yet another day of same-old same-old for poor Edmund. Check it out!