“Zintel” sounds like a name straight from Z&F’s home planet. So maybe that’s why he’s so good at drawing my characters in their true form! James also dabbles  in the extraterrestrial himself, being a fellow sci-fi alien webcomicer– he is the creator of “Gary and Ted”, which I fell in love with over on drunkduck.

This comic’s humor is one of the most unique I have had the pleasure of  reading, thus resulting in beer snorted into my sinuses (thanks, by the way). The concept is simple enough: Gary is sent to Earth as punishment, and lands in the backyard of Ted (who has lead your average boring life… yknow, until an alien crash lands in his backyard). Chaos and hilarity ensues. Go read… put the beer down first, trust me.



If you haven’t noticed, dreamhost ate my site for a couple days. I think… I THINK… we’re all clear now. Anyhoo, this obviously affected the view time for some of the entrants. Todays (Mr. Zintel) was actually #8, scheduled for wednesday, and Samantha’s for yesterday, but I bumped them forward.. it’s only fair.

I was going to announce the winner today, but instead I will announce it Monday, and have the guest strip posted on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

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